New Technology

October 15th, 2012

As I explored the tools in this weeks readings I was once again astonished at the technology readily available in today’s world. In, particular, the idea that you can make and display your own map in Google Earth.

The idea that all this personal information can be displayed about myself on the internet is continually frightening to me. It makes it not so hard to believe why some people might pack up and head for the woods and a life of paranoid solitude. Somebody could discover exactly where I lived and I would never be aware of it.

Also, it is not as if this technology just exists but is restricted to certain professionals for educational purposes. As I was browsing through the KML tutorial it became clear that (even someone who is severely technologically challenged such as myself) anyone could figure out how to use this tool and post information about their neighbor, friend, coworker, etc. without anyone every being aware that their personal information was being displayed. It seems the only way to protect yourself from this invasion of privacy is to became a computer expert yourself and fight fire with fire. To find any information out there that is unwanted and figure out how to take it down, although, in the world of the internet it will never truly be erased.

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