October 30th, 2012

As I was reading Feltron’s 2010 annual report at first I had no idea what the point of these graphs were. Then as I went on and scrolled down more it was explained this particular report was a total history of his fathers life. He had extensive timelines going as far back (as I can imagine) as he could possibly discover about his fathers life. The slide starting with Gunter as a two year old actually gave me a better understand of how maybe I could accomplish my timeline for the final project.

The level of detail he had in this report was incredible. He had everything from his yearly school reports to how frequently he visited different places in the world and when. Feltron had everything broken down by decade, which was probably wise since there was so much information I can imagine one becoming overwhelmed quite quickly. He should write a book on his researching techniques and organizing skills because I know I could sure use them.


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