November 26th, 2012

As I have stated many times. I am not exactly a computer genius  I am still having trouble getting a hang of how to make all of these graphs and timelines and such for my final project. However, I am learning that there is lots of new technology out there that can help me with these issues. This week we are learning about scratch. It’s a programming language that helps the user create their own animations, interactive stories, music, games, art, and then share it on the web with others. These types of programs are extremely helpful to someone like me that does not always immediately understand the world of online programming. Scratch is a way to help normal people express themselves on the the internet without the help of others.

I think it is actually an incredibly profitable idea. This could be sold to all sorts of business people so they could make more creative presentations in their working environments. Not only that however, but scratch games can be very fun! When I was surfing the web to find more information of this topic I found some really entertaining games that definitely make the world of computer programming seem like fun. 

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